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Speak Out: Marketing on 6th, NYC, INC. Challenge Study Reviewing Worth of Start-up Conferences

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Speak Out: Marketing on 6th, NYC, INC. Challenge Study Reviewing Worth of Start-up Conferences

Posted in News by Colm Horgan.

Following a recent article questioning the worth of start-up conferences, Marketing on 6th, NYC, INC. react claiming any business conference or seminar is excellent value to new business owners.

Start-ups exist to fill a business need, and any exposure, connection or resource is valuable in helping a start-up along. But with tight resources, start-up founders have often had to choose their steps wisely. The article that Marketing on 6th has spoken out about has stated that founders often have to weigh their options, in terms of spending time, money and skills whenever an opportunity presents itself, meaning that not all opportunities are viable; especially if these require the same resources that a founder may use for other activities.

The article asks whether opportunities to attend trade conferences are worth taking, particularly if they come at a cost. It states that costs could include the ticket to the conference, travel, and accommodation, saying that many start-up founders are concerned by this.

But the rewards of attending such conferences usually come in the connections made there. In the world of start-ups it’s not just what you know that brings you success but often who you know that is most important.

However, the article questions whether physical presence outweighs the cost and asks whether it would be better to attend digitally rather than in person. Saying that it depends whether the start-up is actively looking for investors and focusing on growth.

It then continues to ask, are start-up conferences worth it? They state that it is a trade-off between the money value of the tickets, plus other expenses and the potential value of connections made and likelihood of actually making these connections.

Marketing on 6th NYC, INC. believe that start-up conferences are definitely worth it and believe networking to be incredibly important. The firm have outlined the importance of always learning new business ideas/strategies from important industry leaders. They believe that these opportunities are an excellent way for the start-up to grow or seek knowledge/advice on how to do so.

Marketing on 6th, NYC, INC. are regular attendees of business owner conferences and say that it is important to keep learning from those who are successful in the industry.

Marketing on 6th is an ambitious direct sales force that links Fortune 500 companies to their future consumers. They develop effective personalised campaigns to promote their clients’ products and services by using face-to-face techniques. These one-to-one interactions with consumers allow them to build quality relationships which in turn generate a loyal customer base for their clients.

Marketing on 6th, NYC, INC. encourage new business owners to attend as many seminars, workshops, and conferences as possible. As well as learning new skills, it is an excellent way to create contacts that could prove to be very beneficial in the future.