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About Us

Marketing on 6th

About Marketing on 6th

Who We Are

Marketing on 6th is an ambitious Direct Sales force that links Fortune 500 companies to their future consumers. We develop effective ways to promote our client’s products and services. Face-to-face interactions with consumers allow us to build quality relationships which in turn generate a loyal customer base for our clients.

Every successful company has goals. At Marketing on 6th, we revise our marketing plans bi-weekly in order to insure our clients are getting the best result from us and that we achieve the goals we set. Our growth objectives allow us to take our client’s brands into fresh markets offering an opportunity to access consumers in new regions of territory to promote their product. We have established great relationships with our clients, and we are highly motivated in gaining a larger clientele platform in the near future.

Our Goals

Marketing on 6th is eager to expand across the nation, and beyond. Starting only in 2013, our office has grown from a handful of motivated representatives to a dynamic sales and training force. Due to the high demand of skilled sales representatives all over the globe, Marketing on 6th has developed a Management Training Program. This program educates individuals looking to make a change in how the everyday person views branding a product for a company

Our Expertise

Most Clients Hire us For:
Direct Marketing (97%)
Our Marketing Generates:
New Customer Acquisition (89%)
Consumers Get to Know our Brands
Brand Exposure (74%)

Our Programs

Our Management Training Program, which includes both Classroom and In-Field Training, gives an individual the opportunity to learn a new skill set and apply it to the direct sales and marketing industry.

Management Training Program

Our Management Training Program offers extensive hands-on sales and marketing training to individuals looking to broaden their skill-set. This program, which is an accelerated course lasting 6 to 12 months, takes an individual from entry-level into a more senior position. Entry-level candidates learn the basics of how a sales force operates, including the branding of a product, raising community awareness, locating target markets and demographics for those products, and increasing our client’s customer acquisition expectations. Once evolved into a management position, our representatives are trained to administer the campaign on behalf of the client into a new market.

Classroom Training & In-Field Training

Classroom Training is provided daily for everyone enrolled in our Management Training Program. Training includes Public Speaking, Territory Management, Setting and Hitting Goals, Peer Presentations, Driving Sales and Team Building.


Our paid internships are directed towards hard working students looking to gain experience in the sales and management field. Like our Management Training Program, our main goal is to educate an individual on the basic, entry-level sales and marketing aspects of our business. In the occurrence an internship candidate wishes to continue with Marketing on 6th long-term, future talk about creating a partnership in the Management Training Program would be discussed.

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